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It's not about me, it's about making you look awesome

Wedding Entertainment

Since you’ve worn your first ever princess dress on as a child, You have been dreaming of your wedding day.

You want your wedding to be the best AND beyond your wildest dreams, especially when it’s one of the biggest days in your life. 

Your dream is to have your wedding day remembered and full of special, magical moments

But how can wedding entertainment help you achieve this

Corporate Entertainemnt

Trying to find something unique and different for your award nights, a company milestone, charity event, product launches even Christmas parties to thank your staff and clients can be a daunting task. Even more you want it to go smoothly, be amazing and most all remembered for years to come.

During your research you will read that magic is the perfect Ice breaker. I will be honest magical entertainment is perfect in sparking that conversation even if most of room knows each other. 

Magic is one of the best live entertainment. Its totally interactive with the guest as they witness amazing magic happening right in front of their eyes and hands. Giving a senses overload sparking a memory of your event that is talked about for many years


Is not just for Christmas it for life and great for 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 100th Birthdays and more

These milestone in your life that should be celebrated and remembered. Life is not a rehearsal Close up magic is the cherry on the top whatever party

As I mingle with your family and friends they will be staggered, startled and impressed that they have whats  impossible made possible. Magic is the Playdoh of the entertainment world it adaptable to any situation and age.

By investing in a party magician you will have the magic formula to a party that WILL BE remembered, Amazing atmosphere fun, laugh and memories

Magic + Moments =Everlasting memories

I’m MisterEY aka Eddie Young, close-up magician, with the winning formula to an awesome event and who’s ready to perform spine-tingling magic at your next event.

Everyone organising their event wants it to be amazing and to be memorable. Close up magic gives you the superb ice breaker, the bang to start the party and the ace up your sleeve.

With many years’ experience and accolades, you’re in expert and safe hands with all different types of magic not just pick a card and a touch of comedy. I help to build a fun atmosphere, laughter and memories that last for years.

My aim is for you to have the best occasion ever, filled with OMG moments generating sparks of conversations filling the room. Your guest will see the impossible seems possible right in their eye and hands captured forever in their mind and your photographer

I don’t expect people to remember my name just your occasion

Have a chat  and see why MisterEY is currently one of the most recommended Magicians around

we love them

what our clients have to say

Helping to overcome their problems

In resolving these clients entertainment problems. Their customers, clients, friends and family minds was filled with amazing moments that are still remembered still till this day. We have been  asked back to many business

Events entertainment that is not about me, it’s about making you look awesome

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