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You NEED to have a magician at your wedding. First, we would like to congratulate you.

Your well on your way to having sorted everything and you are looking at how to entertain your guests. We have recently seen in Bridal Magazine it asked Bride and grooms “what would they do differently?”.

72% said they wished they had spent more on entertainment, that easy to see why

Your guest don’t remember the sit covers or did the sweet trolley have their favourite sweet.

Your guest remembers the moments and experiences that are made throughout the day and into the evening celebrations and Entertainment play a huge part of that. Entertainment brings friends and families together. What entertainment do you book?

You ABSOLUTELY need to book a magician. Yes, I would say that as I am a magician. I going to give you 5 reason why

1, Avoiding those awkward silences.

You have spent hours on the biggest puzzle called the sitting plan but you still have guests that have never meet and you hope they will get on. A great close up magician will perform to the whole table and creates moments that spark conversion which starts to build new friendships. The same applies to the photos. You have got two large groups of family and friend coming together that have more than likely have never met and formed little groups, a good close up magician will get these small groups together.

2, Photos that you will love and cherish

Your photographer has got the group photos and the photographer will be there during the meal and into the evening trying to get that magic moment’s captured, but as soon as you point a camera at somebody they stop smiling or hide you have lots of usable photos and no magic moments.

Your photograph will tell you to get the best natural, smiling and reaction photos are your guest reacting to a moment. When people watch magic they relax and when they see something amazing they smile and laugh.

A lot of photographs will follow a magician around as they know that’s the best way to get the perfect natural shots.

3, Beat the lulls

A wedding is a long day and during that time there are periods where your guests are standing around with nothing to do, for example During the photos, they are usually just for close family, the rest of your guest are standing around.

 Normally they have not eaten as they know they are having a wedding breakfast and if you have kids they get bored. Having magician will keep these guests entertained and maintain the amazing atmosphere. Another example where we see lulls is the room turnaround. The wedding breakfast concludes with the speeches and your guests are asked to leave the room as the guest leave the amazing atmosphere that been created starts to fade. That where a magician keeps that atmosphere alight and going allowing your evening guest to embrace and joy it.

4, Don’t Paint by numbers

Most wedding these days are paint by numbers. The same venue, same chair covers, a sweet cart in the corner, everyone has a DJ. Having a close up magician is something different, you don’t see at every wedding. It helps make your wedding stand out from the rest. The amount of Bride and Grooms give us amazing feedback say you made our wedding even better, everyone is still talking about it. Magic elevates your wedding as you are doing something different from everyone else

5, WOW factor 

I bet you asking what is the WOW factor? The wow factor those part of the day the make your guest go WOW. For example, it doesn’t matter how amazing your DJ set up is, no one is going to go wow as they expect you’re going to have a DJ. Magic is so popular with programmes like Britain got talent, Dynamo, Derren Brown. People want to see it live and close up, they think they can work it out. A magician will give you the WOW factor and have your wedding remember for YEARS to come.

At the end of the day, we understand it’s your wedding day. I know what you are thinking. He’s biased as he runs MisterEY Entertainments that provide magician for Wedding, Events and Corporate events. We still stand by saying its important to have a magician at your wedding. Don’t leave booking a magician until the end of planning your wedding, book a magician at the beginning.

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