Are you a Sponge Bob in a world of minions?

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Why is it hard to find Sponge Bob?

This is down to The Reticular activating system (RAS) or also known as RAC. It makes sure your brain doesn’t have to deal with more information than it can handle. Thus, the reticular activating system plays a big role in the sensory information you perceive daily.
Take ten seconds and listen to every sound around you that you can perceive…you’ll be surprised at what you miss out on a regular basis, but this is because your RAC decides what is important and what can be safely ignored.
It’s estimated that the conscious mind can only handle slightly more than 100 pieces of information every second. There’s a tremendous amount of paring down that needs to happen between your senses and your conscious mind. Your RAC is the way evolution has decided to handle this excessive information problem. It is uniquely suited to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant pieces of information. Not only does it do all of that, the RAC also plays an important role in motivation and goal setting. Not bad for something tiny nestled close to your brain stem!
How does RAC effect your business?
With all the white noise around us from social media, internet, TV and everyday life the RAC can filter out important sections of your event, product, branding and wedding
Try to remember the last event, wedding or awards night you went to yourself. What can you remember about it?
Can you remember who won newcomer award, bride’s flowers, room décor and who was on exhibition stand C4?
We can help you stand out from all the white noise, the crowd and open the RAC to absorb your event, product, branding and wedding
If you want to be remembered and gain visibility, pick up the phone and call me on 07970745926 for a chat to find out more.
Can you risk delaying and your business will fade into the background, consumed with in the white noise around it and ignored by the RAC
You don’t want to be Sponge Bob in a world minions