Are you brave to be different?

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Would like to share our experience at Love Business Expo supporting Yew Lodge (Best Western Premier) Kegworth.

The expo was full of amazing businesses with great brands, offering excellent products and services, however in a very busy hall so many stands with very little footfall, trying to gain eye contact and spark the conversion.

Giving away pen’s, mugs, highlighters, key rings and more. As their only method to break the eye contact and engage in a conversion.

It got me thinking where do all these freebies end up? Do they actually turn a cold lead into a warm lead? Fed up getting little return on your investment?

Best Western was in the same situation last year. Then they thought outside of the box and we had a chat to see how we could spark the conversion and get the eye contact.

After LOVE BUSINESS Yew Lodge had a 20% increase in warm leads, a steady stream of prospective clients at the stand was looked on with envy by their competitors and an increase in bookings

So are you experiencing one or more of following? (Be honest)

  • Spent a lot of money with little return on your investment 
  • Struggle to attract a steady stream of leads 
  • Frustrated you are not standing out from your competitors
  • Difficult to get the eye contact to engage with prospective clients
  • We hear this a lot, but next time we can help you change that. How?

We are here to help you with your next exhibition. Make your marketing message stand out to your prospective clients and customers. They will be talking about your exhibition stand, and their overall experience will create a memory that is tied to your Company for years to come.

We will work together with your company before the Tradeshow / EXPO so we can develop a working knowledge of the products and services you are offering. We can develop a unique custom made presentation incorporating your company, product, brand or service.

We included pains and buzzwords inbuilt whilst using amazing, engaging methods and performances. Leaving prospective clients engaged, ready to qualify and capture their information for follow up.

Our clients have said they have seen an increase in quality leads. Keeping with statement MORE attention, MORE leads and MORE Sales

If you would like further information please contact me and we can arrange a chat or coffee