Be the King or Queen

Be the King or Queen

There is a high chance that you are reading this you have been given or opted for the task to plan you Christmas party. You want your party saving from being DULL and make it a HUGE SUCCESS

You’ve taken on the responsibility to plan the Christmas Event. I know when I work in the private sector before coming a Professional Magician, I planned many events oh boy It was a thankless task, take weeks to plan, rarely get a thank you and if anything went wrong you suddenly you grow a target on your back.

Trying to achieve the success they are many hurdles on the way getting the right venue, location, good food, the décor fits. However, you think you’ve jumped over all the hurdles at the Finish line. Not so fast.

Everyone does the 3 d’s (Drink, Dinner and Dance), you’ve spent most of the budget on décor and food that no one going to remember.

To have a successful event or Christmas party is to break the mould with something unique and different.

If you have the same formula each year no one going to get excited. You need to add the secret formula

What is the secret formula?

It’s very simple you take some magic, that turns in to OMG Moment = A memory that has so much WOW people will think you are the best party organiser EVER

Giving your Christmas party or Event, the WOW factor

I know what you are thinking.  I am a professional magician trying to sell you my services. I will be honest Yes and No. I want you to have the best Christmas party / event ever. I don’t expect people to remember my name, but they do remember the magic.  Magic is the most interactive live entertainment experience you and your guest will see as the impossible seems possible right in their eye and in their eye

Magic ticks so many boxes and you will be known as the King or Queen of Party planning