Tour of the Crows Nest

What is the Crows nest? I hear you asking.Well the Crows Next Suite actually looks over a Beautiful and Bustling Barton Marina.I attend a recent Wedding Show Case I managed to get video of an example room layout belowThe team…

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Unleash the Power of

Having a NAM (Non agend meeting) Unless you are a part of networking groups you are probably not having 1 to 1’s. I can see why most people outside of networking groups have a major fear of them, the fear…

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GOOD, CHEAP, FAST. Pick any 2

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Is this diagram really true? Google it and the result will be 100’s of images, blogs and pages but should you really pigeonhole a customer and business into just 2 areasShould any organization communicate and/or promotes this quote, as it’s…

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Are Balloons plastic?

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With the recent government environmental aims to reduce plastic consumption by limiting or banning its use, unfortunately there is a miss conception regarding balloons. They are not plastic however they are 2 types of BalloonsMylar Balloons:-Mylar balloons are not classified…

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Don’t let the monster out.

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We are an entertainment company that entertain adults and children. We have gained many industry awards in both children and adult entertainment.  We are growing and expanding business throughout the UK. However, as MisterEY entertainment and Phatmagic grows we have…

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