Tour of the Crows Nest

What is the Crows nest? I hear you asking.Well the Crows Next Suite actually looks over a Beautiful and Bustling Barton Marina.I attend a recent Wedding Show Case I managed to get video of an example room layout belowThe team…

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Unleash the Power of

Having a NAM (Non agend meeting) Unless you are a part of networking groups you are probably not having 1 to 1’s. I can see why most people outside of networking groups have a major fear of them, the fear…

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GOOD, CHEAP, FAST. Pick any 2

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Is this diagram really true? Google it and the result will be 100’s of images, blogs and pages but should you really pigeonhole a customer and business into just 2 areasShould any organization communicate and/or promotes this quote, as it’s…

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Are Balloons plastic?

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With the recent government environmental aims to reduce plastic consumption by limiting or banning its use, unfortunately there is a miss conception regarding balloons. They are not plastic however they are 2 types of BalloonsMylar Balloons:-Mylar balloons are not classified…

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