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I hope it’s been an amazing summer for you, it has been for both MisterEY Entertainment and our sister company Phatmagic. With the amazing weather, we have had fantastic fun during the festival season, Wowing at Wedding, Awesome at Awards Night and Cheers at Charity Event. As you can see we have been very busy.

MisterEY and Phatmagic have been entertaining over 50,000 festival goers at Splendour, Sausage and Cider, Ashbourne show and Back to 80’s and 90’s festivals. Along with amazing festival goers, we have entertained so many celebrities from World famous TV chef Jean Christove Novelli, Antony Worrall Thompson, Brad from S club, Ray from 2 unlimited, Jennifer Paige, Outhere Brothers, Haddaway, Vegaboys and some I cannot say due to disclosures forms

However the last week of the summer months we had some amazing news.

We are so pleased to announce Eddie has won the Joe Bonsall trophy for Close up magic, which is hosted by the Derby Magic Circle every year around August. Recent Winners has been Paul Sharp renowned mentalist magician, current president of the Derby Magic Circle Simon Goodfellow and The Magic Circle members Chris Stevenson and Jack Dent both member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Members that entered the competition had a minimum of 8 minutes to entertain the public and wow the judges. One magician judge and 2 general public judges. Three areas Magical content, Magical Skill and entertainment value. The winner is announced (it was Eddie)

 “It was a brilliant night and an honour to win Joe Bonsall Trophy it was hard fought competition against so many professional and amazing magicians with astounding magic that wowed the guests and magical Judges. So many memories created for everyone who attended on Wednesday night”

“It’s been an amazing time for me, my family, MisterEY Entertainment and Phatmagic. So many people to thank over the years everyone who knows me have helped me in so many different too many to list. I love you all and I owe a lot to Neil Spencer who is no longer with us for his love and support”

This award now lives next to the Best up and Coming magician, BrideBook Regional winner for best entertainment and Kallikid best entertainer.

We would like to thank each and every one for the love, encouragement, support, believe in me and so much more you have given us and we hope it may continue.

We would like to offer some pointers you should consider when our clients, customer and friend look for when booking an entertainer for your event

Check how much real-world performing experience they have, their look, style and ability to performer are all important. 

Check the acts client list,  reactions photos, performance footage helps, social media, all important reviews and testimonials. Whether you feel and believe the performer is right for your event is important. But this sort of information will help you make an educated and right decision.

Also The Magic Circle is a great magic club, it has many members, full of history, it’s held in high esteem, however, it’s NOT true you have to be in The Magic Circle to be a Professional magician, nor its a governing body unlike The FA (Football Association) is to football. It has no power over magicians, it just a club. Feel free to read my blog on The Magic Circle CLICK HERE

We appreciate you reading and hope you find this useful. Once again THANK YOU.

To find out more about how we can help you please feel free to contact us. Eddie loves a good coffee or Tea