Amazing Magic to helping your business development at Award night, corporate events


Business awards and Charity Events can be a huge success in your business developement , rewarding staff memebers for the amazing work, help build bonds and network between prospective and current clients.

However, there is nothing more awkward as a group of people meeting for the first time, just like  two families meeting at a wedding. 

The silence is deafening

 Together, you can figure out what your entertainment needs are.

Drinks Reception, Wedding Coporate events, dinner, after dinner, product launches

Drinks Reception

 We break that ice with a conversation start and a memory maker.

As guests arrive at the drinks reception to your corporate event, 

Eddie's mix & mingle, close up magic is the ideal ice breaker

He moves through the crowds, performing close up magic tricks, creating laughter, waves of applause and jaw dropping moments.

Most of all... 

He is creating memories that will be remebered of your event for years


Table magic

 As the Waiting staff  are busy servering amazing food,  Eddie glides from table-to-table between courses, engaging your guests with breathtaking table magic building on the electric atomsphere.

Guest will not notice if they are any delays in the service 

Your guest will give a large ammount of kudos for organizing a successful event

See Eddie In Action

WOWING, BBC Radio Derby Sally Pepper taking about winning Close up  competition againist other magician from East and West Midlands, also recent success on BGT

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