COVID UPDATE 30/7/2020

COVID UPDATE 30/7/2020

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As I promised I would keep you up to date regarding the changes to lock down restriction. 

From 1 August, 30 people will also be allowed to attend a reception afterwards. Currently the receptions can only be attended by six people outside or two households inside.

The current state of affairs is 

In some circumstances, depending on the size and location of the ceremony.

• Weddings or civil partnerships with up to 30 guests have been allowed since 4 July in England.

• They had been banned under almost all circumstances since lockdown began on 23 March, prompting 73,600 weddings and same-sex civil partnership ceremonies to be postponed.

• Northern Ireland has allowed outdoors weddings with 10 people present since early June. Wales and Scotland also now allow wedding ceremonies to take place, but social distancing must be observed, and big gatherings are not allowed.

The wedding industry are hoping and are gear up for ‘Weddings every day of the week’ in 2021, even Boris Johnson sets out plan for ‘significant normality’ by Christmas

How will coronavirus affect my wedding?

As weddings typically bring lots of families and friends into close contact, they are particularly vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus. The government has published guidelines on how to have a ”Covid-secure” wedding in England.

• Venues can only reopen if they can do so safely
• Ceremonies should be kept as short as possible
• No food or drink should be consumed unless it is essential for the ceremony
• Group singing and playing of instruments should be avoided
• A maximum of 30 people should attend ceremonies, and only where there is space to socially distance. This includes all guests, the officiant and any staff not employed by the venue, like a photographer
• Social distancing of at least one metre between different households should always be practised
• It is’ ‘strongly advised” that receptions do not take place afterwards, with only small celebrations of six people outside or two households inside taking place. This will change on 1 August, with up to 30 people allowed.
• The venue should keep a temporary record of visitors for 21 days, in case they need to be traced

The wedding industry and government says it is working closely to lift more restrictions in the coming months.

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