Don’t let the monster out.

Don’t let the monster out.

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We are an entertainment company that entertain adults and children. We have gained many industry awards in both children and adult entertainment.  We are growing and expanding business throughout the UK. However, as MisterEY entertainment and Phatmagic grows we have noticed the green-eyed monster of jealousy has appeared from our competitors

So why is does the competition let their jealous monster out, why do they feel threatened and have need to knock us down?

Jealousy is natural reaction and envy is a part of life. We’re living in a society that’s dead-set on pitting us against each other, so it’s easy to feel competitive, attack others hard work and hate what they are achieving. These people do not realise it’s counterproductive to their business and taking their mind off the game.

Just look at the in the world of magic with magicians like Dynamo and Richard Jones (2016 BGT Winner). These guys are under the microscope not from the public. The public love the street magic of Dynamo and the magical journey that Richard Jones took us on with Fergus Anckorn who kept morale up for fellow POW in the War with his magic. Making him the first magician to win Britain’s got talent.

However, a few professional magician feel the need to post on social media with negative comments regarding their performance stating they could have done it better. However, magicians like Dynamo and Richard Jones have taken the magic out of the 80’s and making magic the top 3 entertainment for Wedding, Trade Shows, Corporate events and more.

Nevertheless, I must point out not all Magicians let the green-eyed monster out. They are so many that are supportive, Helpful and encouraging. Dynamo and Richard don’t focus on the negativity and jealousy they are focused on homing their magic skills. Hence why they are successful.

Here some tops I do to keep me focused. My business is like a Brand new shiny car and we are on a journey

1.      You are taking different journeys. Set goals for the long and short term these are not going to be the same as your competitors. This is the best way you are measuring your success by reaching your goals. It does not matter what your competitor is doing as long you are HITTING YOURS.

2.      Are you at the same point on the map as your competitors?

New companies are just starting out on the journey to success whereas established companies are further on the journey. Don’t compare yourselves to established companies.

3.      Focus on your journey and the road ahead. Don’t stop and look at your competitors. Every minute you are concentrating on them your taking your eyes from your journey, causing you to slow down or worse crash. Keep focused on YOUR goals

4.      Understand the world is a big place. Phatmagic and MisterEY Entertainment have been warned off areas that’s Magic X area. Our companies can only do so many parties. With over 1 million birthdays a day, there is plenty of potential booking for everyone. If you are struggling don’t blame us. It’s because you are not concentrating on your business and running it effectively. Look at your business and see what going wrong and develop a route and to fix the problem. Learn more about effective marketing.

5.      Develop relationships and network. Networking is great for marketing, brand awareness and getting everyone to see your shiny car and how well it runs. I pass a lot of my work that we cannot do to my competitors. Using them as my emergency roadside assistance, not an enemy but build a relationship.
I hope this has been some assistance and if you just get in thing avoid negativity, how to set and keep goals and success in just around the bend

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