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Firstly, we would like to apologise to mention the C word so early in the year but savvy restaurants and Event venues are arranging to book me now for Christmas as they know I help.

Christmas and the New Year season is where restaurant and Events venue and hosts venues make most of their profit. However, it’s the season where the most free drinks, desserts, discounts and refunds are given. The average is cost £500 per night rectifying many issues. The worse of all it damages your reputation just have a look at some reviews on TripAdvisor at the bottom.

All it takes is something to go wrong in the Kitchen or a staff member does not turn up for their shift you are under pressure. The delay gets longer and longer, your customers get more anxious the happy atmosphere soon changes, more people complaining to you. You start giving the discount, drinks, refunds and more. Over the seasonal period, a venue can lose up to £12,500 worst of all your reputation
Imagine if you have a chain of restaurants, pubs or event venues this bill could be hundreds of thousand.

How would you feel if you lost £12,500?  Let alone the cost to your reputations.  This could cost you your business.

If you are concerned and want to save your reputation and money you can do 3 things CLICK HERE,  CALL 07 97 07 45 926 or EMAIL

As promised some reviews from Tripadvisor website where Venues thought they had it all covered.


On arriving at the **************** for Christmas celebration first impressions were very good. There was a beautiful large Christmas tree in the reception area and we were shown to our reserved table and the atmosphere felt lovely. Unfortunately, this is where the impressive stopped! There was quite a gap in between the next courses and you could tell the whole atmosphere in the room had changed and people were getting a little impatient. I requested a waitress and after waiting for 5 minutes or so became apparent that these were not coming to us as the same waitress was then serving other tables. Other diners then went to the kitchen themselves to collect the plates for their party. Will not been booking our works Christmas celebrations


Start at 7.00pm. James Bond evening??? a few cards on the table along with a couple of casino chips. We didn’t GET !!

After an hour of just sitting waiting for something to happen everyone started to move to the room where the food was being starved at a glance looked a good but still had to wait 20 minutes between courses. We were all so bored. Finally at 10 pm the loud disco music started. An awful night

There are so many more Christmas nightmares I could write here.