GOOD, CHEAP, FAST. Pick any 2

GOOD, CHEAP, FAST. Pick any 2

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Is this diagram really true? Google it and the result will be 100’s of images, blogs and pages but should you really pigeonhole a customer and business into just 2 areas
Should any organization communicate and/or promotes this quote, as it’s my humble opinion this is preparing your consumers, clients for either:
a. (Fast/Good) Be prepared to pay far more.
b. (Fast/Cheap) Have the gloating rights to say “I told you so” when it didn’t go so well
c. (Cheap/Good) You can have a project that can take a long time
Would you do business with someone that put their business into the pigeonholes?
In business and life, we should always be striving for the ‘impossible’ utopia.
At MisterEY Entertainment we endeavour to work and think outside of the box on how to do things better, faster and more efficiently.
At MisterEY Entertainment we don’t limit ourselves when creating magical entertainment.  When producing a brand-new show, routine for an awards night, Tradeshow and weddings. Using Years of experience, We Plan, Practice and Perform giving our customers and clients the best and amazing memories of their event’s, weddings, awards, corporate events and more.
We believe in working with people, business and clients that we trust, they understand our objectives…
The right relationship shouldn’t feel like a customer/vendor relationship

It should be a partnership where we all build on Trust, Honesty and Respect, so everyone thrives. 

Please feel free to contact us for a chat and see if we can work and build a relationship together

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