Life is full of experiences.

Life is full of experiences.

Life is full of experiences.

For me one of the top 5 was getting married to my wife. For my wife it’s the same but she felt the experience of getting married had so many with more for her.

  • Getting married in the church we she grew up
  • Falling in love with the venue that match her dreams
  • Looking for and trying on the Dress that made her feel so special
  • Choosing the Flowers that will would scent the day
  • The list of mini experiences continues the whole journey to such a special day.

The accumulation of these experience and more made up the big day to share with our family and friends

However, in the journey you start to be thinking will your guests.

enjoying themselves? Are they ok? Are they getting along?

We did. Our photographer took over 90 minutes and we could see they were getting bored. To this day our guests say it was an amazing day but the photographer to sooo long.

Yes, we can laugh about but we did not want to our wedding day remembered for that.

We still to this day wish we had arranged so entertainment during the downtime, lulls and room turnarounds.

So what entertainment could turn the many lulls and downtime in to amazing, interactive, engaging moments that turn in to memories of your day that last a life time. 

With magic becoming so popular and magical entertainment has change so much from pulling a rabbit out of the hat. It enhances your wedding day for you, your family and friends. 

Your guests will see right in the palm of their hand a memorable magical moment!

This is the moment where a memory has been created. Of your weddings, in all the world, they will not be forgetting your special day!

At MisterEy Magical Entertainment we understand it’s all stressful especially when you are having to make a decision, without experiencing our service, how can you be sure they will deliver?

1. Please have a look at our website to see who we have worked for and reviews from business and couples

2. Let me know about your event

3. We create a customised plan for your event or occasion

4. Relax and watch knowing your guests are having a unforgettable time with OMG moments