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Event Organisers, Corporates Event, Wedding organisers and corporate events with a Fundraising Elements

Fundraising events are the lifeblood of many charities we love to help and 3 reasons why you need a magical entertainer to help your event

1, Creating an atmosphere

A great close up magician will perform at the drink reception and between courses to the whole table and creates moments that spark conversion which starts to build new friendships. You have got large groups of guests that have more than likely have never met and formed little groups, a good close up magician will get these small groups together.

2, Don’t Paint by numbers

Most events these days are painted by numbers. The same venue, same chair covers, same table decorations, everyone has a DJ.

Having a close up magician is something different, you don’t see at every Event, It helps make your event stand out from the rest. The amount of companies’ gives us amazing feedback say you made our Event even better, everyone is still talking about it. Magic elevates your event as you are doing something different from everyone else

3, WOW factor

I bet you asking what is the WOW factor? The wow factor those part of the event that makes your guest go WOW. For example, it doesn’t matter how amazing your DJ set up is, no one is going to go wow as they expect you’re going to have a DJ. Magic is so popular with programmes like Britain got talent, Dynamo, Derren Brown. People want to see it live and close up, they think they can work it out. A magician will give you the WOW factor and have your event remember for YEARS to come

At the end of the day, we understand it’s your event. I know what you are thinking. He’s biased as he runs MisterEY Entertainments that provide magician for Events and Corporate events. We still stand by saying its important to have a magician at your event. Don’t leave booking a magician until the end of planning your event, book a magician at the beginning.

You can help your connections and look amazing to them by having a magician

Find out more about the services we offer. You can connect with me here on Linkedin or: eddie@misterEYentertainment.co.uk Subject found you on Linkedin.

If its, not the right time please make a connection and you can reach out when the times right