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Most Debate Wedding Topic

The most hotly debated topic for your wedding is do you invite children or not?

To be honest there is no right or wrong answer. It is a personal choice made by the Bride and Groom.

The 3 most common reasons we were given why couples banned kids from their wedding was

1. Budget – There’s usually a discount on children’s meals but they can still be expensive and raise the cost of your wedding quite considerably.

2. Unpredictability – If you like order, you might prefer a more mature affair. Kids do run around, scream and sometimes cause chaos

3. Guest Enjoyment – Everyone wants to be able to have a drink and a dance at a wedding but that can be difficult if nappies need changing, kids are cranky or need to get home to bed. Your guests may enjoy themselves more if they know their children are being looked after safely at home.

Then we asked couples that were having children why they choose to allow kids

1. Atmosphere – Weddings aren’t meant for Pinterest, they’re real life and are meant for making memories. Kids add a huge amount of laughter, fun and atmosphere to a wedding. Those fabulous photos and hilarious (and chaotic) moments are memories you’ll treasure forever.

2. The Wedding Party – You might not want your colleagues’ three under 10s coming, but you couldn’t imagine getting married without your niece there as a flower girl. It can be a lovely memory to share with your close family or friends to have their, or your own, children in the wedding party. In that case, send very clear adults-only invites to other guests.

3. Guests Expenses – Paying to come to your wedding and for someone to look after their children can be an expense some guests simply can’t afford. It might mean they can’t come if the kids can’t come too.

MisterEY entertainment have helped so many couples overcoming the fears of having children at their wedding by advising to ask the catering company to do a Wedding Box (Happy Meal Style) the children feel SO special by having their own special meal in a box and are so happy eating what is the box that’s just for them.

We are asked how we help couples overcome Unpredictability. We overcome Unpredictability by offering the children their own magical entertainment and the only access is by showing their well-behaved admittance ticket, they have their show during the speeches allowing the adults to enjoy the speeches and a little break.

With our uniqueness of having a Close up magician, Children entertainer and balloon artist all in one, so we have the guest experience covered by amazing with magical entertainment creating memories that last a lifetime

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