Most wonderful time…

Your partner deserve the best engagement and to proposing at Christmas is a perfect start to make amazing memories but don’t stop their. 

Why not create the proposal package, choose a beautiful venue or area. Recently visited The Riverside in Branston Burton On Trent. Set next to River Trent. You can propose next to the beautiful River or on the island making a memory that will last for years, enjoy a meal and enjoy your first night as a couple in their room. Wake up as a couple with Breakfast and share the great news with Family and friend on Christmas Day everyone can congratulate you on your first steps to being together for many years.

Here are a few ideas for dos and DON’T.

Do bring holiday cheer to your family gathering and announce that you’re engaged with the group

Don’t share your news online until you’ve told your nearest and dearest. And if you’ll see your best friend for New Year’s, why not wait till you can tell them in person?

Do think about when (approximately) you’d like to get married. That question will definitely come up at family holiday gatherings. Just say “We want to enjoy the engagement”

Don’t take it personally if your friends don’t text you back after you tell them your news on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This may be the one time of year they’re not glued to their phones or they’d rather get in touch when they’re on their own turf instead of at Aunt Mary’s holiday dinner.

Don’t throw an engagement party before the New Year (if you want people to show). Your friends need more notice than a few days. They have billion holiday parties they’ve agreed to attend.

Your engagement party is a perfect way for everyone to get to know each other in a more intimate way before your wedding. If you are searching a way to break the ice and making even more fun and memorable interactions, then arrange an appearance by MisterEY t

Have a Magical Christmas