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Eddie performed some close up magic at a fundraiser I attended. He was friendly, extremely entertaining and wowed everyone with his tricks. I'd highly recommend him for any event you might have planned!
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We Are Beyond

The atmosphere at live event  is electric. Image the live event happen right next to you.

Magic has advance to a whole new level, with the trickery happening right in yours, family, friends, clients or customers hands.

Image holding a deck of cards in your hands with in second you look back and they have disappeared

That is when a memory is created and take your wedding to another level. 

Meet the Magician that created that amazing moment and will help you overcome your concerns, Break the ice, create amazing experience and so much more

It's not about me, just want to say "hi"

I’m MisterEY aka Eddie Young, close-up magician, with the winning formula to an awesome event and who’s ready to perform spine-tingling magic at your next event.

Everyone organising their event wants it to be amazing and to be memorable. Close up magic gives you the superb ice breaker, the bang to start the party and the ace up your sleeve.

With many years’ experience and accolades, you’re in expert and safe hands with all different types of magic not just pick a card and a touch of comedy. I help to build a fun atmosphere, laughter and memories that last for years.

My aim is for you to have the wedding ever, filled with OMG moments generating sparks of conversations filling the room. Your guest will see the impossible seems possible right in their eye and hands captured forever in their mind and your photographer

I don’t expect people to remember my name just your occasion

Have a chat  and see why MisterEY is currently one of the most recommended Magicians around

We hired MisterEY Entertainment for a thank you party, to perform some close up magic; he was friendly, entertaining and funny and made sure he saw all the attendees so everyone was included. This is what some of the attendees said in their feedback: "MisterEy and his magic - very good" "Magician was very funny" Thanks Eddie!