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Planning your wedding 6 months

Planning your Wedding

What's coming up

You’re engaged – Congratulations.

Take a few weeks to show off the sparkly new ring. The most common question you will be asked so many times have you set the date. When I got married to my wife we said we are just enjoying the engagement first.

You have had your time enjoying the engagement and you are getting itchy feet about planning the biggest and the most glamorous party of your life.

You head is full of ideas, visions, styles and much more, but where do you start.

You have started already planning by reading these series of blogs

First and Best tip

One of the first things to do is set up a Wedding Email Address. Nothing worse than your personal email inbox will get full of spam emails.

Best sites to use are Google and Outlook as they have to-do lists and calendars to help organise your wedding. You can have so many addresses to choose from.

The second tip is a Wedding bank account to save as much money as you can. I and my wife set up a direct debit each month. With our great money-saving tips and fabulous product, We will help you to stick to your budget

In these blogs and our social media post we’ve got great budgeting tips and downloadable at MisterEYentertainment to help to keep on top of your spending for your big day.

Discuss your budget with both parents if they are willing to contribute and make a note of who has offered to pay for what to avoid disagreements late

Book the big elements

To work out what budget, you need to work out what type of wedding you want. Are you dreaming about the wedding from a child, gliding down the aisle as church bells ring out in a church wedding or saying your wedding vows at a venue with awesome views of the countryside? Maybe a small ceremony on a beautiful island, or a Las Vegas?

We have bookings for next year, year after that and even 3 years in front. It’s time to start thinking about those BIG elements because these need to be booked WELL in advance. Such as Venue, Dress, Entertainment, Catering and more have forward book for one to two years in advance. If you have got a location or locations in mind book a walk around as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment

Wedding Planner

Do you hire a wedding planner or pick some in your family and friends to be your dedicated wedding planner yourself. Wedding planners may seem like a luxury but they have so many packages, services and supplier who they trust to do an awesome job and turn up. You can choose the one that suits you and your needs. Follow the checklist to make sure you’ve got everything under control.

wedding check list 12 month

We hope you found the information useful. We have more tips cover wedding budget, wedding trends, dress and lots more


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