We can F.A.I.L

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All too often we view failing or failure as a negative.  We see failing as a fault in our ability, Our intelligence, or our self-confidence. Failing makes us feel less than adequate.  However, I feel there is so much power in failing and we should be teaching ourselves that failure is simply a mistake along our learning journey or a First Attempt In Learning. 

The real power in failing comes from learning from our mistakes and making improvements. Failure is not avoidable – we all fail at some point in our lives. Treat Failure as a process, not the end result.  Failure is not your enemy nor irreversible and most importantly, it is not permanent or final

Failure is simply a point in our learning journey towards success and we need to embrace a better definition of failure. We all failed and succeeded in riding a bike, swimming, exams, driving and many more.
Think of these five examples of failure:
The Wright brothers claimed flying was possible but got it wrong on their first 112 attempts.

David Beckham took over 1,000 shots before perfecting he amazing free kick

J.K.Rowling spent night after night scribbling her wizard novel.

Sir James Dyson made over 5186 attempts at the Dyson cleaner

Sir Allan Sugar made the Amstrad computer which made so many losses but the technology was used in the Sky Boxes

We need to accept that we are going to fail especially if we are doing their best work.  In order to learn from our mistakes, construct new possibilities, and be innovative we need to remove the stigma of failure.  There is unlimited power in attempting, in learning, and in failing.

Lastly, perhaps the biggest win in “failing forward “ and embracing the concept of First Attempt In Learning “FAIL” is the power for our children to dream big.  Their biggest goal is embracing our passion to achieve BIG things because they are not afraid to try, to make mistake, to fail, and to try again.

Thanks to Will Smith for making think that way