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Wedding Entertainment in
West Midlands

Family and Friends

We are anxious is everyone going to having a good time, whilst we are having our photo’s taken.

Seating Plan

We have spent so long and hard to get the perfect wedding seating plan, but we are worried that is everyone going to get on

Natural progression

We have a gap in our wedding when the venue changes from Wedding Day venue to Celebration Venue. We are concerned our guest will get bored,

Have that Chat

We are not sure to invited family and friend with children.

Your Dream. Our Mission For You to have the best day ever.

Your not the only couple to have these concerns and worries, but how can we achieve your dream of the best day ever.

Magical Wedding Entertainment is a luxurious and practical touch to your day taking your wedding to the next level.

While you have your day captured forever or at your wedding breakfast your guest will be wowed with high quality wedding magic. Allowing you to relax in our safe hands.

You can enjoying your dream wedding rest assured as we are making conversation starters, removing any icy atmosphere we are actually creating a warm loving atmosphere as your guest are making new friendships on your day.

Your Dream wedding makes the natural progression to the celebration of starting your life together we are taking moments in your day and turning them in to memories that last for a lifetime. Not many guest remember my name (But it not about me) but they always say remember that magician at Mel and Johns wedding.

As for children at a Wedding we do have a secret weapon to overcome this concern, but read our blog on this subject.

"Wow I was blown away he was fantastic and I could see why he is award winning too. Great guy all round so funny to"
Matt Green
Wedding Guest

Recent Brides have said

after their ever after

Bridebook recent survey result regarding wedding entertainment. As you can see many bride and couples wish they had spent, thought and made entertainment higher on their list. We have also asked may couples at wedding Fayres, 93 % of couples cannot remember large part of family and friends wedding such as Dress, Food, Cake or decor

Your are spending a lot of money to have the best wedding ever. Keeping your guests entertained is key in your success.

We can help you achieve your dream wedding with LIVE magical Entertainment creating an experience on the hand of your family and friends

% of Brides said they would have spent more on their entertainment*
% Of Couples wished they had thought more about their entertainment*
% of bridal coupes said within one week after their reception,they would have made entertainment higher priority!*
% of couples who cannot remember the Dress, Food, Cake or decor after 6 months attending Family or Friends Wedding
"Eddie you’re a true master of your craft!"
Very Happy Bride

We Are Beyond

The atmosphere at live event  is electric. Image the live event happen right next to you.

Magic has advance to a whole new level, with the trickery happening right in yours, family, friends, clients or customers hands.

Image holding a deck of cards in your hands with in second you look back and they have disappeared

That is when a memory is created and take your wedding to another level. 

Meet the Magician that created that amazing moment and will help you overcome your concerns, Break the ice, create amazing experience and so much more

It's not about me, just want to say "hi"

I’m MisterEY aka Eddie Young, close-up magician, with the winning formula to an awesome event and who’s ready to perform spine-tingling magic at your next event.

Everyone organising their wedding wants it to be amazing and to be memorable. Close up magic gives you the superb ice breaker, the bang to start the party and the ace up your sleeve.

With many years’ experience entertaining in Birmingham and West Midlands also many accolades, you’re in expert and safe hands with all different types of magic not just pick a card and a touch of comedy. I help to build a fun atmosphere, laughter and memories that last for years.

My aim is for you to have the wedding ever, filled with OMG moments generating sparks of conversations filling the room. Your guest will see the impossible seems possible right in their eye and hands captured forever in their mind and your photographer

I don’t expect people to remember my name just your occasion

Have a chat  and see why MisterEY is currently one of the most recommended Magicians around

Price Guide

No wedding is identical, couples have so many awesome ideas. These prices are a guide, we also offer bespoke packages should you require this feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote. Please contact us for our cancellation / late availability offers


Mix and Mingle 90 minutes

 ideal for drinks reception and photo shot

From £299


Mix and Mingle 120 minutes

ideal for room turn around and evening reception

From £499

The Works

Wedding day

ideal for room turn around and evening reception

From £599