Wedding planner or not?

Wedding planner or not?

When it comes to planning your Wedding day the whole process can be daunting At MisterEy Magic we hear and see many common questions on social media groups 

Do I book the venue at first?

Do I start with a budget?

How many guests do I invite? and the list goes on and on. 

The most frequent post is “have I missed anything on my list”

During the process, couples are stressing, arguing and it doesn’t stop there I seen a few upset Brides at their Wedding with the wrong cake turned up, Food was out late and even a DJ forgot about the wedding 

Some Brides feel that hiring a wedding planner is a no brainer, but other Brides have been planning their wedding since they wore their first princess dress having it all sorted from the get-go. So what should you do. To help they are different levels of Wedding Planner/Coordinator

Day-Of Coordination:

Perfect for the couple who has all the planning under control, but needs a professional to execute all their hard work.

Month-of Coordination:

Allows the bride and groom to enjoy the twilight of their engagement while their wedding coordinator confirms and finalizes all of those last-minute details with the vendors. 

Full-Service Wedding Coordination:

Guides our clients through the entire planning process. We’ll be with you every step of the way. From budget formation and sticking to it, to vendor research and selection. 

Here are just a few areas they cover.

1. Letting the budget run away

A wedding planner knows the wedding market and stands, this includes the cost of services, advising their client in the areas to spend their money keeping you within your budget, getting the most bang for your bucks. Considering the average cost of a wedding is £30,000. 

2. Gives Valuable Advice

A reputable wedding planner as mentioned in number 1 will know the ins and outs of the wedding industry.  They will know exactly which wedding suppliers can accommodate your wedding size, fit within your budget, yet also give you the atmosphere you want. They will know the vendors inside and out; they know which florist can create the perfect bouquet and centrepieces for your theme, magician that wow your guests and which DJ can keep your guests dancing all night long!

3. Saving time

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Research has shown couples spend over 200+ Hours to plan their wedding day. 

Wedding planner/coordinators give you a huge bulk of that time back. Acting a middleman between suppliers and vendors, So they don’t bombard the couple and their family with lots of questions.

4. Who is going to confirm all of your

vendor’s setup times and details the month before your wedding? 

create your reception room diagram?

to create a detailed timeline for your entire wedding day? 

Your wedding planner/coordinator will handle and organize all of these tasks and more during the weeks and days leading up to your big day, leaving you to enjoy the twilight of your engagement. 

5.  The big day is finally here.

You have friends and family are arriving to share your special day. As you’re getting ready and your phone is ringing and suppliers’ keeping asking questions. Your wedding planner/coordinator will be the point of contact for all suppliers on your wedding day so that you can sit back and relax. 

To find out more have a chat with our good friend Joanne from Tangled Events.Joanne plans many many wedding using vision board allowing you the see your day coming together.  Tangled Events plan everything from small occasion to big events. Have a chat and see how Tangled events can help