Wedding Planning Jigsaw

Wedding Planning Jigsaw

Congratulations on your recent engagement. But where do you start.

I work with many amazing wedding planners who use my services and I have asked them where to start planning a Wedding.

First is to prepare the groundwork and not to run with your heart. Which is not easy you’ve just got engaged and you are so excited you start looking at venues straight away. STOP

Wedding jigsaw magician derby nottingham burton entertainment eventsJust like a jigsaw you start with the corner pieces these are

The Style of wedding you both want

The Number of guests

The Size of budget to achieve it. Why go for a venue that seats 80 you have 120 people to invite?

Once you have these pieces in place you can start creating you dream day and look at venue and suppliers.

There is one more piece before you contact all venue or supplier. That is create a wedding email address with either Google, Outlook or Yahoo.

For example or

All your emails will be your wedding email account. One Bride emailed her Boss with the seating plan to find out she was not invited. OUCH

We hope you enjoy planning your wedding.