What do you see?

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What do you see?

An amazing man that has fantastic skills balancing on the dumbbells, however, did you see the bigger picture?

Watch it again

Did you see the elderly man in the background sinking the basket every time? Which is just also an amazing talent and skill.

When setting goals, Business or personal. Look at the bigger picture not what’s in front of you?

You could miss something really important to you and your business

We have some great tips on how the bigger picture works

#1 Build Lasting Relationships

We believe spending the time to establish relationships with people. We say “Make a customer not a Sale” this builds the groundwork for future sales. It may not be just for that company. People you deal with often will move jobs giving you additional areas to build relationships.

#2 Assuring Long-Term

You’ve made your sale. But what will that closed sale lead to? Or more accurately, what do you want it to lead to?

How would you like to be thought of As “whats-their-name that company that sold us product x”? Or thought of “We can call X for competent, reliable and trustworthy help on this…”?

You make yourself invaluable, creating lasting partnerships that will pay off steadily over time, rather than once.

#3 You Want a Truly Happy, Satisfied Customer

If you take a look at the bigger picture, while you’re in the midst of this sale it may change some of the decisions you are making. Are you look at the balancing man, you want a closed sale. But looking at the bigger picture, that sale needs to result in a happy, satisfied customer.

That means the product or service delivered needs to be really right for the customer’s company. They need to be happy with the price they pay. Delivery needs to be timely. Any promises made by you need to be fully made good.

#4 You Want a Reputation for Outstanding Service

But beyond making them just a happy customer, you want them to have a great memory of you, your company, their buying experience and the service—for that will make them think of you first when they are in the market for an upgrade, more of the same product, or a different product or service your company can provide. Someone who looks at the bigger picture goes the extra mile and gives a little more than they expect. Outstanding service is rare today; make it common for you and your company. Those who always include this as an ingredient of their operation.

#5 You Want Their Recommendation to Others

Referrals are the best leads a company can get. How are they made? By fulfilling the above steps, particularly 3 and 4. A single sale made won’t necessarily get you that referral—but the creation of a longstanding partnership certainly will.

Always look at the bigger picture. You will reap the rewards well into the future.

Thanks for reading and if we can help you look at the bigger picture let
us know as the saying goes “Two sets of eyes are better than One”

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