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A little introduction my name is Eddie and I am a professional magician, However, I am abundantly aware that magicians are seen as odd and extremely geeky.

Yes, It’s a bold observation and some other magician would disagree, however it is fact. excluding Blockbuster like Now you see me, A Magician is viewed as weird.

All you have to do is look at Big bang theory. Howard lives with his mother, lacks social skills and very geeky. Using magic to pick up women in the most awkward way.

As you can see the media and public have a certain perspective of a magician. This is fueled by the magic community, there are some awesome magicians however you find a fair few are stuck in the 80’s not saying their magic is bad it amazing but what the media and the public want has changed so much, Since people like Dynamo, David Blane, BGT Winner Richard Jones and runner-up Jamie Raven have come onto the scene

Whilst its true both Dynamo and David Blaine are great but they are considered very strange indeed. They pop up, do a very weird trick and then stroll off. Not the best social skills!

A friend Craig Petty can up with an experiment, he asked friends to describe a magician and he got this description of a walking cliche. Someone who dresses in a top hat and tales, holding a dove in one hand and a rabbit in the other.

To add to the what peoples perceptions, I hear the muttered words “I hate magic”.

Many would walk away but I rise to the challenge. “I hate magic” it’s because that person has an awful experience of magic.

This due to magic being in an industry in which you can pick up or given a magic set, within a short time they think they have mastered magic, print business cards and they are the next Dynamo.

You can see this for a mile away, Business cards with artwork done from Vista Print, Magnetic sign for the car that matches, a website that’s free with their branding all over it. These are the ones that have no social skills, they are all about them and within seconds of performing you hate magic.

When I hear those words “I don’t like magic” It’s not a personal attack on me. It means they have seen a Howard, Geeky, cheesy magician with no skills and they have judged all magicians on that one performance.

My aim and goal in that situation are within 5 minutes to change their opinion and show then how magic is entertaining, creating a positive memory and magic can be performed well.

You can see from recommendations I am a very good magician and entertainer. We spend a lot of time thinking about our performance style and making sure we are entertaining. My goal when I perform is to ensure the guests, clients and customers watching are left with the best memories and most of a positive impression of both me and magic as a whole.

I’m not the only magician that cares, however, the sad fact is those good magicians are few and far between.

So if you think magic is terrible there is a very good chance you might be wrong. To ensure your event is not affected by a Howard make sure you book a magician that is going to create memories that last for years for your guest for all right reasons

And if you are booking a magician for your event make sure you book a magician that is going create a memorable experience for your guests for all the RIGHT reasons. Better yet just book me – it’s quicker and I am awesome